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You can pay with Pagseguro

Posted in 31/07/2017

PagSeguro  is an online payment tool, a facilitator of payments for commercial transactions over the internet. PagSeguro is a service offered by  UOL .

The client can make purchases with or without registration. During a purchase using PagSeguro the buyer chooses the product or service in EASY NETWORK BRAZIL and PagSeguro intermedia the payment.



Other information on how to buy with PagSeguro:

· Approximately 80,000 online stores use PagSeguro 

· The Customer has the option of attaching a credit card to his PagSeguro account;

· The Customer has the option 14 days to cancel the payment if the product does not arrive or arrives according to agreed;

· The credit card number for the EASY NETWORK BRAZIL

· Electronic Wallet: You can deposit money into the PayPal account and make payments through this method;

· Registration is free



The client does not provide any financial data to REDE FÁCIL BRASIL, this data is in the PagSeguro, in the system UOL. The customer can recover their money if the transaction did not occur as expected.

In case the customer receives the product in an awkward manner, it is possible to open a "dispute" - a form of complaint. That through the register PagSeguro, the customer will get their money back. PagSeguro mediate this dispute, so that the customer receives the product correctly, or the return of his money.