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KIT VIP Café Marita Verde - 24 Unidades com Erva Mate + Café Verde

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Green Marita Coffee (100g). Its formula has Mate Grass and Green Coffee. Your consumption should be associated with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits. Replace your traditional coffee with Café Marita.

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It is a grain rich in Chlorogenic Acid, which prevents the body from absorbing the sugar present in food and
this effect forces the body to seek energy in the own fat deposits. That's why the Green Coffee is great for
stimulating the burning of fats, in addition to offering extra energy for your day to day. The Green Coffee is composed of coffee beans that have not undergone the roasting process.
Do not change your habit, just change your brand. Take Marita Coffee for a healthier life.


common questions:
1. Does it contain gluten? Gluten-free.
2. Contains lactose? Does not contain lactose. May contain derivatives of milk, barley and soy.
3. Is it an organic product? No, it's a natural product.
4. How many times a day can it be consumed? As a hot or cold drink, 2 servings a day.
5. Does coffee have any restrictions or contraindications? No. Only with people with coffee restrictions.
6. Children from what age can you consume? Children from 5 years, but the recommendation is above 12.
7. Can seniors consume? Yes, they can consume.
8. Can hypertensive people consume? Yes, but the doctor should be consulted.
9. Can pregnant / nursing mothers consume? Yes, but the doctor should be consulted.
10. What is the correct way to prepare? Mode: 01 tsp shallow, dissolved in 250 ml of water or milk
11. How many doses can a can? Render approximately 23 doses
12. Can it be consumed with milk? Yes you can.
13. Are you registered with Anvisa? It is exempt from registration. According to DRC 23 of 2000 the code of release by ANVISA of the GREEN COFFEE is: 420009.
14. What is the shelf life of the product? Term 18 months and after open consume in 30 days.
15. How many kilograms will I eliminate after starting coffee and how long? It will depend on each organism, because coffee helps in weight loss, satiety and helps regulate the body. But it depends on healthy eating, physical activities and plenty of water.
16. Can diabetics consume? Can be consumed with Marita Stévia sweetener.
17. Can I have coffee at night? It's a coffee, if you already had coffee at night, you can have it.
18. Can it be consumed cold? You can. To be consumed cold, use cold water instead of room temperature.
19. Can the dispensing spoon be stored in the coffee carton? Yes, because the plastic approved by Anvisa.



1 tsp shallow, or use the Marita meter, for every 250 ml of water. Savor 02 (two) times a day, consume with water and sweetener Marita Stevia. Consumers accustomed to more daily doses,
can consume without contraindication. The use of milk / milk powder, sugars and various sweeteners does not affect
the functional potential of Café Marita Verde. Do not change your habit, just change your brand. Take Marita Coffee for a healthier life.


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